_MG_2368ECE Department 

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering started in the year 2009 with an intake of 60. The department has well established laboratories  and it is striving to impart qualitative practice oriented education  to the students right since its inception.It has established various labs to take care of the academic requirements of the main stake holders viz., the students. It is endeavor of the ECE Deprtament to mould the incumbents into good practitioners.

Role of ECE Department:

Electronics and Communications Engineering is about electronic components, integrated circuits and microprocessors and consists of design, fabricate, test, maintain and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment. This branch of Engineering has a key place in the field of computers,
Information Technology, Electrical ckts, Power system operations, communication systems,
Satellite Communication,Radar and Navigation,Microwave Communication,Digital Electronic Circuits,PCB Circuitry etc.

The Department has sufficient number of qualified and experienced staff members.

It has sufficient space and equipment as per norms of AICTE, and there are 06 laboratories in the Department. Viz.

  1. Electronic Devices & Circuits :- The first step for a fresher into the world of Electronics begins here. Circuits ranging from amplifier circuits, feedback circuits, oscillators to triggers. Multivibrators etc get realized here.This lab is acquainted with adequate number of CROs, Voltage Supplies, Function Generators, DMMs etc to meet the demands.
  2. Pulse & Digital Circuits / Integrated Circuits Lab
  3. Digital/Analog Communication Lab
  4. Network Theory Lab
  5. PCB and Workshop Lab
  6. Electronic Circuits lab


  1. Department in the College with intake of 60 students and with teaching Staff of 08 members.
  2. Necessary teaching aids such as Overhead Projectors, LCD’s are effectively employed.
  3. At the beginning of each academic session department staff prepares schedules of lectures, laboratory manuals and course file.
  4. Electronic components are issued to the students in the form of component boxes which contain all the necessary items for performing practical’s using bread board for labs

Co-curricular Activities:

Our students are encouraged to participate in technical paper contests by various colleges open to all engineering colleges in India. Our students have won number of prizes for technical paper presentation

Training facilities for Staff/Students:

Visits to different Electronics & Communications Engineering establishments are periodically arranged to give the students an exposure to the industry. In addition, the teaching staff are also encouraged to undergo practical training in the industry

Industrial Visits:

The Department organizes industrial visits to various establishments in and around NCR. Most of the number of staff from the department were deputed to attend summer & winter courses


CBS SA (CBS Students Association)
ECE Students Association is formed by students of ECE department

  1. The association is formed to produce top quality ECE professionals.
  2. The activities of ECE SA are Seminars & Group Discussions in order to enhance the communication skills of the students.
  3. Familiarize the students with latest trends of developments in electronics.
  4. Conducting guest lectures by eminent professionals on emerging areas.
S.No Programme Branch Total Seats
1 B-Tech ECE 60