Computer Science_MG_2393The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is a self-driven proactive nerve center, which caters to the need of ever- growing technological sphere of academic, research & training in computing concepts, tools and
techniques in the profession of computer science and information technology. The department can boast of sufficiently large IT infrastructure with many more ambitious projects in the pipeline in the years to come. Mission of the Department

To exist and grow to ensure that all departmental actions, activities and efforts lead to each student able to attain – ‘Competency’, ‘Capability’, ‘Confidence’ i.e. C3 status on completion of his B.Tech.  Course and he/she is ready to be part of the confident, vibrant and resurgent India
i.e. he/she is employable by the best organizations of corporate India.

Highlights: –

  • Branded P-IV personnel computers equipped with the latest application software platforms.
  • A set of dedicated servers deployed in a fully networked configuration based on the latest concept of server computing.
  • A Data Communication and Computer networking’ simulation lab.
  • Incubators offer a unique opportunity of achievement, innovation and creative professional techno economic excellence.
  • 2mbps Leased line for  24 -hour internet connectivity.
S.No Programme Branch Total Seats
1 B-Tech CSE 60